Universe update is here.....Now what?

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Universe update is here.....Now what?

Post by Karride » Wed Nov 05, 2014 4:59 pm

The new universe update is here! Faction points, star systems, wormholes, scanners......lots of goodies.
The sever has been updated....*but* I won't reset the universe just yet. I want to give people a chance to save their work. So here is the plan:

We will run in "old universe" mode until next Wednesday (Nov 12). During this time, make sure to locally save any ships you want to keep. If you have a station you want to keep. Let me know via these forums or an in-game message what sector it is in and I will export it.

in the evening on the 12th (Central Time) I will reset the universe, and re-import any stations you wanted to keep to their original locations. i will also allow blueprint uploads for two weeks, so you can import any ships you kept.

If you miss this deadline, don't worry, I'll keep a copy of the old universe for awhile so we can get stuff out of it.

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