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Post by Karride » Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:04 pm

Welcome back
I think quite a few of our regulars were taking a break after the Chunk32 update due to bugs. For me, it was a major pain as the server crashed about every 8 hours. Thankfully the last couple of updates have fixed the issue, and we are much more stable now. So welcome back!

Rule Revamp
Our rules were a little out of date so I have updated them. Take a look and let me know if you have any questions. I will probably also post our rules on a board at spawn in the near future.

Information DB update coming soon
The ship database is quite out of date, I am going to work on updating it starting in September.

I won't be around next week (Vacation), but I will try to monitor for updates and update the server as needed. Might take me a day to notice, so just be patient.

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