Pirate Ships


XR1 Fighter

Mass: 97.8
Length: 25m
Height: 9m
Width: 33m
Thrust: 118.2
Power: 8654.4e/sec
Shields: 223s/sec
Armament: 2 AMC Arrays

Military surplus tends to make its way to the black market, and this ship is no exception. The good news is while fast and equipped with hardened hull, it is relatively lightly armed, has very little shielding and individually poses little threat to honest space traffic.


Blitzkreig (C variant)

Mass: 110.9
Length: 37m
Height: 12m
Width: 25m
Thrust: 92.3
Power: 5194e/sec
Shields: 1006s/sec
Armament: 2 AMC Arrays, 2 D1000 Missile Arrays
The first in a class of built from scratch "by pirates, for pirates" ships. Well balanced and boasting a pair of D1000 missile arrays. Spacers should us caution when encountering this new threat.


Out of Time

Mass: 827.7
Length: 56m
Height: 19m
Width: 31m
Thrust: 1248.3
Power: 65738.7e/sec
Shields: 2199s/sec
Armament: 6 AMC Arrays

The largest of the pirate fleet, the Out of Time class started as their lives as freighters, and pirates captured them and proceeded to stuff their hulls with weapons and shielding. More than two of these together and you better have a pretty tough ship if you are going to survive. Our advice is to run to the nearest starbase if you encounter a group of these.

Ship Credits:
Out of Time and Blitzkreig are modified versions of the ones designed by Mason and posted in this thread.
XR1 is made by DaGoldenGunner, and is available here.